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( a facility | history )

Remilia has amassed quite a bit of scars during her stay at the Facility. Her 90% of her body is covered in burn scars, and because these were induced via her vampiric weaknesses, they won't be able to heal instantly like most of her wounds. She has a large scar going through her right wing, and her stomach and torso are covered in vertical gashes, both from when the Reavers tore her up. In between her wings, near her shoulder blades, is the word "USELESS" carved right into her skin. And as a more minor physical tick, Remilia has some problems with her neck, from when it was snapped during biodome week. She almost never turns her head itself, rather she moves her entire body, and she looks to be in pain when she does try to move her head. 

Week 131 - OFF WEEK
Remilia arrived. She spoke with a number of people, including Stocking and Rin. Both of them made it clear that while Patchouli was there, she had not mentioned Remilia at all. Later, she met up with Patchouli in person, and she recieved the IC writeup and knowledge of how sick and fucked up the place is...and how far it had shaken her best friend. Later, oh dear, she spoke with Yuuka and got into a nasty fight with her, resulting in broken fingers. She also spoke with John, and got information regarding the Rebellion and subsequently joined them both formally and for Fuck Shit Up Saturdays. In addition, she learned of Meiling's return and was told about some more of the horrid things that happened to Patchouli.

"(Remilia)’s ego is so suffering that not even “Banana Phone” seemed possible for her. In the end, we won, and she sang."
Early on, Remilia seemed to have gotten off scott-free. She met with Sebastian, ran into Lucy's murderous DNA persona, and heard Patchouli's strange confessions over the network. She didn't believe them at all, needless to say, but while talking with her she got a command of her own--to sing the Banana Phone song over the network. It proved to be the work possible thing, as Remilia's personal pride is huge. She almost got killed for refusing, but Patchouli and Meiling verbally beat some sense into her and she conceded. With her neck torn up and her fingers still horribly broken, she, in her "lowest moment" asked for help. Roxas came and patched up her neck, while Lithuania stitched and set her fingers. Later on she made fun of Archer's horrible laugh.

Week 133 - ZOMBIE WEEK
"(Remilia) gets the drift of things. We were fearing it would have to bite her for her to understand."
Zombie week. Mun on slowatus, so she didn't participate much. She spoke with Stein, facepalmed at Fry's stupid theory about the televisions causing the virus, and got attacked by zombie!Didi. Other than that, though, she made it out alright. 

Week 134 - GRAB BAG WEEK (bomb attached to heart)
Mun on hiatus, although Remilia was subjected to the experiment of a bomb attached to her heart that beat faster with rising emotions. Handwaved that she managed to survive by holing up in her room with no outside contact the whole week.

Week 135 - OFF WEEK (+balloons)
(Remilia) obviously lives a soap opera life. Oh your poor heart, wax poetic more why don’t you? But really, who did you kill?
She chatted with Patchouli briefly, and went out to go visit her...only to have a few run-ins. First was Lucy, where she got trapped in a hall full of balloons and subsequently got covered in blood-red paint, pink glitter, grapes, and plastic bat Halloween decorations. The two got stuck with a bunch of balloons Rickrolling them. Remilia noted that she remembered Lucy's other persona from Week 132. She also spoke with Fry again, about the nature of the balloons. She eventually made it to Patchouli's room and they talked about a wide range of things while drinking from the latter's wine stash. Later in the week, however, she heard something a bit disturbing--that someone named Alex Mercer wanted Patchouli dead. She tracked down Meiling and got the full story from her...only to have a sudden psychotic breakdown at the truth, promising to go after Mercer and kill him for what he did. 

On Monday, Remilia found Mercer and started fighting him after tossing up a barrier. The two fought for almost an entire day before they both gave up--constant regenerating even after death can really kill a "duel to the death." Patchouli kept an eye on her for the rest of the week, and tension between the two understandably rose. This started the rather infamous and deadly "rivalry" and unending level of hatred between Remilia and Mercer.

Remilia's faciliberry (game network communication device) came alive like the rest, and tried to out-ham her: Remilia screeches with theatric irony? Faciliberry screeches with theatric irony, a with a thousand more notches of annoying and exclamation points.  It mostly annoyed her, but did not attack her or otherwise attempt to harm her. She killed quite a few Reavers, but the week was generally uneventful. Patchouli continued to keep a close eye on her.

Early on in the week, the collars of the rats turned to gold, signifying that all supernatural powers would be nerfed. Remilia, being a little girl, and Patchouli, being a physically frail woman, had little in the way of fighting prowess without their powers, and sought out refuge in an abandoned building at the outskirts of Haven. The Reavers, however, proved too strong for the building to withhold, and the two of them got killed in a particularly gruesome manner--let's just say Jigsaw might have looked on in approval. Remilia was out for the rest of the week, revived at the beginning of 139.

Remilia, still doped from the pain, found Patchouli again, and the two formally began sharing their suite together. Yuuka was terminated this week, and it managed to hit Remilia surprisingly hard. She and Patchouli proceeded to get drunk, and sang awful songs over the network. Yukina healed Remilia, however, and the two started to be on better terms, with Remilia then relying on Yukina to help her whenever needed--Remilia agreed to, in turn, assist Yukina in any combat situation she might find herself in. None of this slowed Remilia down, however, and she proceeded to stick her nose into Patchouli's past history in the Facility, speaking with John about the infamous and insanely horrific Week 103, where he and Patchouli shared a station-wide torture session, though they didn't manage to get very far without Patchy interrupting and jacking their video conversation. Patchouli was not pleased, and this started to strain the relationship between Patchouli and the other two.

Week 140 - OFF WEEK
Another pianist. (Remilia), do you take requests?
Remi sobered up quite a bit. She played a piano piece in the rec room, and spoke with John. They talked about Week 103 in depth, and their conversation lingered on for quite a while: they spoke of Patchouli herself, what had changed, and Remilia told John about Gensokyo and the spellcard methods, the things she and Patchouli went through in the Outside World. It was a rather heavy discussion, but she managed to make up with Patchouli later. She also saw the return of Fry. Again.

Week 141 - SAW TRAP WEEK
[After video feed] We LOVED the bit with the clothes. We’ll be laughing about that for weeks, it’s going to go viral! Absolute 10!
For the large part of the week, Remilia remained unharmed. On Thursday, however, she and Patchouli found themselves in a dual trap. Patchouli had to sacrifice her arms to save Remilia's life, but Remilia would have none of that. Her fate manipulation took hold, and only one of Patchy's arms ended up getting severed, despite her soon dying from blood loss. As the test was partially jinxed, Remilia was dropped into a small pile of holly branches, making her sick. Her own test was to fill a container with her own blood in a time limit, but she had a severe mental breakdown due to seeing Patchouli die rather gruesomely in front of her. She failed to complete her test, and several UV lamps were turned on, burning her to a pile of ashes.

Week 142 - MUD WEEK
Hey, rats? Did you know that (Remilia) is horrifying? Absolutely horrifying. Like bubblegum and raindrops. BEWARE.
Remilia returned, and tried to recover from the breakdown she suffered the week before. Her psyche stared to derail at this point in time. She did take place in the mud war, if only to get back at Terezi. 

For most of the week, she and Patchouli stayed hole up in their suite, trying to avoid the plants in general. However, Remilia ventured out to try and regain her self-confidence...only to return and promptly have her neck snapped by an angry vine, right in front of poor Patchouli.

Week 144 - OFF WEEK
Didn't do much. Spent half of the week being dead as a doorknob, and the other half recovering from being resurrected again.

This week as an emotional one, as the initial experiment introduced was a lobotomy. A gas was fed through the pipes of the facility, turning the subjects into mindless drones with little willpower and memory. Remilia was affected more slowly than others, due to her blood manipulation powers, but ultimately succumbed to the gas as well. It was Halloween this week, and Remilia still tried to celebrate. She and Patchouli tried again to make up, and things temporarily were resolved. However, mid-week, Val abruptly cut off the gas of her own free will, her first act against the Consortium. The subjects were given the rest of the week to recover, and eventually everyone turned back to normal.

Body parts were randomly taken from the subjects, randomly scattered throughout the setting, and given the week to find them--else they lose them forever. Remilia lost her eyes, and Sakuya lost her hands; the two spent the week trying to help the other find them. She eventually found Sakuya's left hand, but the right was never found. Mindy, blinded as well, found Remilia's eyes and her own. She handed them off to Remilia...only to mix them up. For the rest of her stay in the game, Remilia was heterochromatic--one regular, night-vision-equipped red eye, and one regular blue human eye, Mindy the same. Needless to say, she kinda threw a tantrum. She also found one of Lucy's missing horns, and trolled her to hell and back for it.

She honestly didn't do much this week. She spent her time sitting in her room, brooding over her lack of two proper eyes and laughing at everyone being invisible over the network.

Week 148 - OFF WEEK (+bachelor auction)

She mostly kept to herself. She didn't really need her vallors for anything, so she gave 75 of them to Lucy, and then 25 of them to Terezi to draw a really bad picture of Patchouli. It hangs up on their wall now. Later in the week, she met several people from home: Alice, Marisa, Reimu, and most importantly Flandre. She had a certifiable freakout at her sister suddenly appearing in the facility, and she and Patchouli tried to contain her as best they could, sending out warnings to not interact with her--needless to say, it didn't work.


(Reimu) rounds up the ‘Scarlet’ Devils for an exhibition. Break out the red and they’ll show you just how much of a devil they are in bed.​and they’ll show you just how much of a devil they are in bed.
Autopilot participation, mainly kept to Flandre's room.

Week 150 - PUPPET WEEK
She was tortured and brutally murdered by the puppet replacement of Patchouli. She spent most of the week being dead. When she came back on Sunday, she and the real Patchouli had a bit of (another)  falling out. She proceeded to move in with Flandre.

Week 151 - WINGS WEEK
A little flute makes everything better. The next time you kill your friends? Just give (Remilia) a call. Things will work out.
Further falling out with the rest of the SDM. Meiling hung up on her. Sakuya was visibly upset. She ended up doing a whole lot of arguing, enough so that even when her bat wings fell out to make room for her noticeably-black feather wings, she did not care.

From here on out, participation was spotty, and weeks blended into weeks. 

Val started to formally break off from the Consortium. She eventually formulated a plan of action with the test subjects to free themselves from the Consortium's grasp--and it worked. The subjects were transported to another F3, Hope's End. They spent a good portion of the time completely trashing the place, Remilia being an active participant. They eventually discovered the limits of F3, as it was merely a contained dome--a part of the facility itself.  Remilia fell ill with clone sickness and was terminated (dropped, oocly), but she "returned" (re-cloned, resurrected) in time for a gleeful bout of destruction.

Two weeks later, Val unlocked everyone's powers, and a full-scale rebellion started. Remilia was part of the "brute force" group, responsible for breaking as much shit as possible. She did her job well, and managed to brutally kill a few interns here and there as well. The Facility was taken over by Val, and the interns apartments unlocked for the subjects to use. Remilia moved in with Patchouli after Sakuya, Meiling, and Flandre were all terminated, ultimately forcing their friendship to an awkward semi-reconcilled standstill. 

Things were calmer from then on. For wish week, she wished for Patchouli's scars to be gone--and thus for a week, they were; Patchouli was back to her regular physical condition, sans arm. Remilia was canonswapped into Trinity Blood. She believed she was Crusnik, and had highly dangerous nanomachines in her blood. No actual action happened the last week, but Remilia fell ill and passed away from clone sickness for the final time.

Patchouli Knowledge (canon)
Hong Meiling (canon)
Sakuya Izayoi (canon)
Flandre Scarlet (canon)
Alice Margatroid (canon)
Marisa Kirisame (canon)
Reimu Hakurei (canon)
Yuuka Kazami (canon)

John Egbert (Homestuck)
Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck)
Jack Noir (Homestuck)
Alex Mercer (Prototype)
Hit Girl/Mindy McReady (Kickass)
Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay Night)
Yukina (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Ryoji Mochizuki (Persona 3)
Lucy/Nyuu (Elfen Lied)
Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)
Phillip J. Fry (Futurama)
Didi/Death (The Sandman)
Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)