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Player Information

Name: Anna!
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kues
Age: 17
Contact Info: only my wits @ aim, hakurei @ plurk
Other Characters Played: none
Do you need an invite? nada

Character Information

Character Name: Remilia Scarlet
Character Series: Touhou Project
Character Age: looks around 10, is 500+ mentally
Character Gender: female
Game Transplant
Canon Point: Canon: post-Hisoutensoku, Game History: Week 162
Former Game: "A Facility" / [community profile] a_facility
Background Link: premise & FAQ & setting
Game Background:
Remilia was in the game for approximately seven and a half months, her stay starting on Week 131 and ending on Week 162. A full write-up of her game history can be found here, as it's quite lengthy.
Remilia could be most accurately summed up as "Chaotic Neutral." She has her own goals. and she'll be dammed if anyone gets in her way, whether they're fighting for Gensokyo's good or Gensokyo's complete incineration.

She is a 500 year old vampire, yet has the appearance of a ten-year-old girl. That in itself showcases the two sides to her personality. On one hand, she definitely can act how she appears--like a spoiled, selfish brat. Throughout her scenario in Immaterial and Missing Power, she gets upset at the lack of "respect" she gets from the others. Which, in essence, is total obedience. Her views of self-entitlement are very, very strong, and if she does not feel they are fulfilled, there will be hell to pay in the form of Remilia knocking your door off of its hinges. She is used to getting everything that she wants, immediately when she wants it. She has a habit of thinking everything and everyone is hers--your house? Better bring her some tea. Your sunny village? Too sunny for her tastes.

Remilia is the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and the master of the absurdly-powerful Sakuya for a reason, though. She can be mature when the situation calls for it. In the heat of the moment, her charisma is to the level of a queen, and her words can ring powerful enough to command an entire army. Remilia is a lady of high court--she knows the proper manners and table places, and she can throw one hell of a banquet. That's charisma for you. She does know the difference between right and wrong, and can be counted on to make a wise decision. For instance, she sealed her younger sister Flandre up in the basement not out of malice, but out of worry--that Flandre would blow up Gensokyo on a bad day, with her uncontrollable power.

Another notable facet of Remi is her fierce loyalty--you screw with her employees, you screw with The Scarlet Devil herself. It's implied she'd raised Sakuya, and lets Patchouli live at the mansion out of pure friendship and kindness. No one screws with Flandre, period. She holds immense pride in being a vampire (perhaps why her wings are always out), and will not hesitate to speak ill of anyone who says otherwise. She does like humans, though, and never kills the ones she feeds from (and therefore finds no reason to kill humans at all).

Remi really, really just wants to have a good time. The whole reason she blotted out the sun in EoSD was so she could go outside like a normal human. She's frequently seen drinking tea and eating pastries even though they give her no nutritional value. Her attitude is more easy going than uptight (except those moments when she has her dignity to defend), and more often than not things will "bore" her and receive only a shrug.


Most notably, Remilia's sense of pride and egoism has been severely reduced. While she still does, undeniably, have pride in her family name and her species, she doesn't view herself as the single greatest thing to ever walk the face of the planet, as she's slowly starting to come to terms with the whole "clone" business. Her "protective" level has gone up a billion notches as well, from already having Meiling, Flandre, and Sakuya all taken from her. Those she values now have a permanent spot under her wing, and anyone who harms them will find themselves tied to a chair with their own intestines. Or something akin to that. Her "charisma" levels have gone down a lot as well, as being in the completely desperate environment she was lead her to change her belief of 'if you must do it, do it gracefully'--survival was her goal, and so she adapted. Whereas the canon Remilia dislikes violence for violence's sake and won't get her hands dirty unless it's necessary, Remilia from the Facility has come to terms with doing dirty work if that's what she needs to do to fend for herself. She will not hesitate to swear and use harsh language, unlike her canon counterpart, and her battle tactics are less about strategy and more about pure brute force; read: overkill has become her new best friend.

Remi's unique ablity is "manipulation of fate." This is not very well explained in canon, though it's typically made out to be something like "the ability to alter the outcome of an individual's life or a fight." It's almost always used long-term, and has no visible immediate effects. She can also morph herself into a nigh-endless swarm of bats, and is able to regenerate from a single scrap of flesh. She can summon the spear of Gungnir, aka that pulsing red spear used by the Norse god Odin, said to always hit its target with 100% accuracy. In terms of more general abilities, Remilia is extremely fast and extremely strong, can fly, and makes use of danmaku in fights.

Additionally, unique to Fac!Remilia, is her clone state. In the game proper, she is a complete clone of the canon Remilia, with her abilities, appearance, memories, and personality. However, she is prone to clone sickness, randomly dropping comatose on the floor. She will, most of the time, recover and be back in tip-top shape, however it can occasionally result in a complete failure of her cardiovascular system, resulting in death.
Sample Entries: new sample and old sample from game

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