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OOC Information:
Name: Anna
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IC Information:
Name: Remilia Scarlet (Roselle Delacroix)
Canon and medium: Touhou Project (videogame)
Age: preincarnated: looks to be 10-11, is 501; reincarnated: 13
Preincarnation Species: Vampire
Preincarnation Appearance: IaMP & IN
Any differences: 'Roselle' will have pale blonde hair and brown eyes instead of her regular blue and red; her wings and abnormally sharp fangs will also be gone, obviously.
Preincarnated History:
Remilia's history prior to her first appearance in the series is incredibly murky. She earned the title of 'Scarlet Devil' while still in the Outside World, which gave the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia's longtime home, its name. As the mansion hasn't existed in Gensokyo for very long, and it's stated that she's been friends with Patchouli Knowledge for 100+ years, it's also safe to assume that she became acquainted with Patchouli in the Outside World as well. Remilia claims she is related to Vlad Tepes, but it's made clear she's lying through her teeth. Addtionally, Remilia has a younger sister, Flandre, that she keeps locked in the mansion's basement to prevent her from destroying everything.

Shortly before the events of Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, the Scarlet Devil Mansion (and thus, Remilia) appeared on an abandoned island in the middle of Misty Lake. It's not known how it got there, but the in-series guide Perfect Memento in Strict Sense offers two theories: 1) Gensokyo's standard spiriting-away procedure for when an object or person is forgotten about or not truly believed in anymore, or 2) Remilia herself somehow willed fate to make it so the mansion would move. While in Gensokyo, Remilia acquired two employees for her mansion, Sakuya Izayoi and Hong Meiling. Sakuya's ties with Remilia are intricate, and PMiSS presents several scenarios as to how they met, the most widely-used being that Sakuya was once a vampire hunter that Remilia bested in combat. However, all of this is pure speculation.

Remilia made a name for herself during Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil by spreading a red mist over the majority of Gensokyo. She had grown tired of not being able to go out in the daytime freely, and so blocked out the sun's rays with her mist. She was quickly apprehended by the protagonists, and once she was defeated she agreed to clear the mist. In the end, Remilia noted that she could have just used her special parasol to walk outside, so the entire thing was pretty much Remi being obnoxious.

She investigated the 'party incident' in Immaterial and Missing Power with the excuse of getting to scare the crap out of the local humans, but her next biggest role was in Imperishable Night. Remilia set out to investigate the cause of the fake moon that rose every night, Sakuya tagging along for the hell of it. The two, along with the other protagonists, discovered the cause as the immortal Lunar princess Kaguya and her bodyguard Eirin in hiding from moon emissaries wanting to retrieve Kaguya, using the fake moon as a roadblock. Eventually it was dismantled (by force, because this is Touhou), but Kaguya requested a favor of the two in the form of assassinating her rival, Mokou. When they found her, to their surprise, she was as immortal as Kaguya was, and attempting to kill her proved futile. Remilia took an interest in Mokou's immortality and nonchalantly offered to rip out Mokou's liver to make Sakuya immortal as well. However, Sakuya politely declined.

Later on, on a rumor and through a ridiculously convoluted plot fabricated by Yukari Yakumo, Remilia actually flew to the moon in a constructed ship, with Patchouli's help, before being ambushed by Lunarians and kicked back home.

Remilia's role diminished until Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, where she was one of many to stick their noses in the bizarre weather event. She was one of the few to not actually meet the true final boss, a bored Celestial causing earthquakes for giggles. Instead, she met with Yukari, and, well, Touhou battle as usual.

After that, she's had no hugely significant roles, other than starting Sakuya's mission in Double Dealing Character. Remilia was one of the many youkai who were acting oddly due to the powers of the game's boss flipping everything on its head. At the end of the game, she returned to normal.

Reincarnated History:
(this was a joint history with Flandre-mun that we've both agreed upon o/)
Roselle and her younger sister Danièle were born into the Delacroix family in Lunéville, France, to a Romanian mother and French father. From a young age, she took great pride in her family name, as they were an affluent and wealthy bunch that projected a very aristocratic image in public. She made little friends in private school due to coming off as snobby and aloof, which privately bothered her very much. Any friends she did make often didn't stay for long, for a variety of reasons (Roselle called it bad luck), so she took to being friendly with the staff of the house, instead. Dani was an ill child, so the added bonus of having a sick sister made her withdraw more.

Mrs. Delacroix funded piano lessons for her eldest daughter from a young age. Roselle thought of it as incredibly cliche for an affluent family, but nonetheless went along with her schooling. Although her first language was French, Roselle learned much Romanian from her mother, as well as primary English. Being multi-lingual was yet another thing she heavily prided herself in.

However, beneath the surface, things were not well, and Roselle's parents eventually had a messy divorce when Roselle was 11. Mr. Delacroix moved to America while Mrs. Delacroix chose to remain in France. Initially, the sisters were to be split up, but Dani tagged along at the very last possible second. Her arrival was unexpected, and as much as Roselle disliked it, there was no extra room at their father's new house and Dani was forced to bunk in the renovated basement.

She was helped not by the stereotype of a 'snobby rich foreign kid' she developed at school, and as such she was left with as little friends as she had back in France, although she did enjoy flaunting her Romanian heritage and claiming she was related to Dracula (despite her family not hailing from anywhere near Transylvania). She was not a liar, per se, but more of someone who would embellish the truth to make herself look better. Despite her intentions, she gained a minor reputation as a liar in her school.

In her free time, Roselle worked to further hone her piano skills, taking solace in music when she felt alone. She isn't the most well-versed in popular culture, preferring to dig herself into the world of classical music and composition, though she did have minor exposure to videogames through her sister's obsession with them.

First Echo:
On Halloween, Roselle was persuaded to participate in a small haunted house run by some of the older students at her school. She dressed as a vampire, naturally, and as she was preparing to step into a prop coffin, she received her echo in the form of a memory of having slept in a coffin before.

Preincarnation Personality:
Remilia could be most accurately summed up as "Chaotic Neutral." She has her own goals. and she'll be dammed if anyone gets in her way, whether they're fighting for Gensokyo's good or Gensokyo's complete incineration.

She is a 500 year old vampire, yet has the appearance of a ten-year-old girl. That in itself showcases the two sides to her personality. On one hand, she definitely can act how she appears--like a spoiled, selfish brat. Throughout her scenario in Immaterial and Missing Power, she gets upset at the lack of "respect" she gets from the others. Which, in essence, is total obedience. Her views of self-entitlement are very, very strong, and if she does not feel they are fulfilled, there will be hell to pay in the form of Remilia knocking your door off of its hinges. She is used to getting everything that she wants, immediately when she wants it. She has a habit of thinking everything and everyone is hers--your house? Better bring her some tea. Your sunny village? Too sunny for her tastes.
Remilia is the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and the master of the absurdly-powerful Sakuya for a reason, though. She can be mature when the situation calls for it. In the heat of the moment, her charisma is to the level of a queen, and her words can ring powerful enough to command an entire army. Remilia is a lady of high court--she knows the proper manners and table places, and she can throw one hell of a banquet. That's charisma for you. She does know the difference between right and wrong, and can be counted on to make a wise decision. For instance, she sealed her younger sister Flandre up in the basement not out of malice, but out of worry--that Flandre would blow up Gensokyo on a bad day, with her uncontrollable power.
Another notable facet of Remi is her fierce loyalty--you screw with her employees, you screw with The Scarlet Devil herself. It's implied she's known Sakuya since the latter was very young, or has and lets Patchouli live at the mansion out of pure friendship and kindness. No one screws with Flandre, period. She holds immense pride in being a vampire (perhaps why she disregards not being able to hide her wings), and will not hesitate to speak ill of anyone who says otherwise. She does like humans, though, and never kills the ones she feeds from (and therefore finds no reason to kill humans at all).

One thing Remilia knows for certain about herself is that she is incredibly, incredibly powerful, and she will not hesitant to flaunt that. She won't think twice about suicidally charging into battle or under-estimating her opponent. Additionally, Remilia's loyalty can sometimes be interpreted as another form of her entitlement and possessiveness, being that those are her friends, her employees, her sister. She could just as often be 'out for revenge' for the sake of her own tarnished record as often as she would be for vengeance.
Remi really, really just wants to have a good time. The whole reason she blotted out the sun in EoSD was so she could go outside like a normal human. She's frequently seen drinking tea and eating pastries even though they give her no nutritional value. Her attitude is more easy going than uptight (except those moments when she has her dignity to defend), and more often than not things will "bore" her and receive only a shrug.

Any differences:
Roselle will be much less egotistical and self-serving, though as she still comes from a wealthy family, she will still be rather snobbish about money and the like. Being a normal human, she also won't be very sure of herself in combat, and will usually only get into physical fights as a very, very last resort or if her temper gets the better of her. Her overprotective nature will come not from hints of selfishness as it does in canon, but rather the lingering emotions from her inability to keep friends or even her family together. Building on that, she also has intense feelings of betrayal towards her parents for splitting the family up in the first place.

In canon, Remilia is an extremely powerful vampire, rightfully taking her spot as final boss. As a part of her vampiric nature, she is immortal in the form of never aging and being able to regenerate from wounds--taken to a ridiculous extreme with her, in that she can come back from only a single scrap of flesh. She can also shapeshift into the form of a single bat or an entire swarm of them, and was incredibly fast and strong, an excellent melee combatant. She does have several weaknesses, though, in the form of sunlight (direct exposure would burn her into ashes, but apparently she is able to go out if she uses a parasol), running water (including rain), and the oddities: sardine heads, shattered holly branches, and roasted soybeans. She gets most of her nutrients out of drinking blood; she can eat and drink regular things, but they don't sate hunger or do anything for her but be tasty.

Remilia is also able to manipulate a sort of red mist, as evident in her various spellcards (it is tangible and can inflict a large amount of damage, so to make it less hax I usually interpret it as manipulation of blood, being that she can turn it into solid weapons and spray/mist blasts if she has access to enough of it). In the vein of the above, she has a unique weapon, a spear named Gungnir, which is modeled after the one wielded by the Norse god Odin, said to hit its target 100% of the time, though that's not the case with Remilia. Her version of Gungnir is treated as a sort of hybrid between danmaku (explained below) and her manipulation of blood/mist (which the spear seems to be made out of). As such, she also how to wield spears and other similar weapons.

Her unique ability is manipulation of fate, which is as nebulous as it sounds. It's not explained very well in canon, except as 'the ability to alter the outcome of an individual fate or battle'. Nine times out of ten this is done unconsciously by Remilia, and she cannot actively tap into it unless the circumstances are incredibly dire.

And last but not least, like everyone else in Gensokyo, Remilia is able to fly, and can make use of danmaku (brightly colored bullets that pack the force of a strong punch, but are specifically designed to not be lethal).

Roleplay Sample - Third Person:
It was not until she had received a note from her social studies teacher to meet with her after class that Roselle started to worry she had dug herself in too deep.

You're a very bright girl, Roselle, she had said. And you could make many friends if you weren't so secluded. So why do you feel the need to lie about yourself?

She didn't recall many incidents that made her literally break out in a cold sweat, but this was one of them. The feeling of being caught in a lie, bald-faced, was a moment too rare. Of course, the teacher was referring to her outrageous claims of vampiric lineage. 'I don't know what you could possibly be talking about' was her only response, of course, because backing out of such a statement felt too heavy-handed a task to undertake then and there.

It isn't wise to base relationships on lies, Roselle. That's all I'm saying.

Roselle merely scoffed as she exited the school building that day, winding her scarf more tightly around her neck. What did she know? She probably lived in Locke City her entire life. It may have been bigger than Lunéville, but it had none of its charm in her eyes. A small part of her acknowledged she may have been biased in that particular opinion, that Dani didn't seem to have a marked disdain for the place...but it just wasn't home.

It just wasn't fair. Why did they have to split up? Roselle didn't consider herself an expert on her parents' marriage by any means, but she could see it wasn't respectful argument at all. She could have stayed in France, could have continued living her life as she always had, could have heard more of her mother's stories from her own childhood in Romania, but--it would have been different there, too. They would have had to move out of their mansion anyway. There was no way she could mold the puzzle in her head to get the outcome that would satisfy her.

She could feel her steps become heavier as she walked towards her father's car. There was only one thought in her mind: how dare he. How dare he devastate her and Dani so badly. How dare he and their mother walk out of each other's lives so casually after 11 years together. But as she neared the car, she could see his face in the rear-view mirror, casual as ever. Did he really not have any clue of the effects of his actions?

Well. At least the teacher didn't tell her to get a note signed, or something. Her mother's side of the family wasn't something she wanted to discuss with him. Not right now. Maybe not for a long time.

Roselle huffed one last sigh as she pried open the car door and hopped inside. Her anger melted away almost as quickly as it came. Perhaps it was just a battle for another day.

Roleplay Sample - Network:

You know, I was going to make an announcement, but the grammar and spelling on this network is atrocious. Do the majority of you people not know how to type correctly? U is not you, and use your apostrophes! How does it feel knowing that a little ESL girl can use your language better than you? Tch.

Regardless, if anyone lacks plans for New Years' Eve, my father is having a small party at the house. I don't imagine it'll be the most fun, but it ought to beat staying at home and binging on alcohol and pizza rolls. We do have a flat screen television and HD channels~!

Good tidings, Locke.

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