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animus app (revised)

Player Information

Name: Anna
Personal Journal:[personal profile] kues
Age: 19
Contact Info: hakurei@plurk
Other Characters Played: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: Remilia Scarlet
Character Series: Touhou Project
Character Age: appears around 10-12, is 500+
Character Gender: Female

Game Transplant
Canon Point: Canon: Post-Hisoutensoku / Fac: Week 162
Former Game:[community profile] a_facility
Background Link: doop
Game Background: Premise & FAQ & Setting
Remilia was in Fac for around 7 months. In short, it was an incredibly dangerous and stressful setting in which she was killed and revived multiple times, amassed numerous bodily injuries, made a few enemies and a few friends, and had an even closer relationship with Patchouli. Here's a nerdy full writeup of her time over there, but please note it's very long.
In general, Remilia's personality matches her outward appearance: a little girl in a frilly dress and with a nasty-looking pair of fangs. Her biggest personality facet is her ego, which is incredibly large. She's overly self-assured, bossy, demanding, spoiled, and selfish--and she knows it. She views herself as an incredibly skilled person (which she kind of is) with charm and grace and would probably appoint herself queen if Gensokyo ran via a monarchy. Remilia's the type to overstay her welcome, and her sense of entitlement is way too strong. If she forced herself into someone's house and asked them to make tea for her, she wouldn't hesitate to tell them that the tea is crappy and they should probably buy something different for her and/or they have crappy taste. She's also prone to throwing a fit and yelling if she doesn't get what she wants. She is also incredibly confident in her own abilities, and can go suicidally charging into battle even if she's outmatched, which, naturally, can become a big problem.

On the other hand, Remilia really can be as charismatic as she likes to say she is. She is indeed the mistress of a large mansion, and most likely comes from a noble family. She knows proper etiquette and manners (though she doesn't always use them), and can throw one hell of a party. She can even be as mature as anyone else when the situation calls for it, and overall does know the difference between 'fundamentally right' and 'fundamentally wrong'. She was the one to lock Flandre in the mansion's basement, not out of malice, but out of worry that she would start blowing up everything in her path on a bad day. She also doesn't particularly mind humans, and never kills the ones she feeds from (thus finding no reason to kill humans at all--she even invites some of them to her parties).

Another noticeable part of Remi is her loyalty. Perhaps it's simply another branch of her entitlement, but her deep attachment to her employees (and Flan) borders on crazy at times. There's not much she won't to do defend them (unless it's her that's doing the putting down in the first place) and if she feels they've been hurt or shamed, she will personally see to it that vengeance is exacted. Although Flandre is her only living relative, the rest of the SDM girls are pretty much her family in everything but blood. She's known Patchouli for over a hundred years, and in layman's terms, invited her to become roomies. It's also implied she's known Sakuya since the latter was much younger, and Flandre--no touchy. You literally don't lay a hand on her sister without hell to pay.

Though, Remilia really just wants to have a good time in life. Her parties are rather frequent and with high attendance, and she spends a lot of her days doing what essentially equates to lounging around. Her debut appearance in the series can even be attributed to this--she can't go out in the sun without burning up, but using a parasol could easily solve this. Instead of doing that, she decides to spread her trademark red mist all over Gensokyo's skies to blot out the sun, all so she could go outside. Without a parasol. Overall, her personality is more easygoing than uptight...unless her dignity needs defending.

Re: personality changes from being in Fac
Most notably, Remilia's sense of pride and egoism has been severely reduced. While she still does, undeniably, have pride in her family name and her species, she doesn't view herself as the single greatest thing to ever walk the face of the planet, as she's slowly starting to come to terms with the whole "clone" business. Her "protective" level has gone up a billion notches as well, from already having Meiling, Flandre, and Sakuya all taken from her. Those she values now have a permanent spot under her wing, and anyone who harms them will find themselves tied to a chair with their own intestines. Or something akin to that. Her "charisma" levels have gone down a lot as well, as being in the completely desperate environment she was lead her to change her belief of 'if you must do it, do it gracefully'--survival was her goal, and so she adapted. Whereas the canon Remilia dislikes violence for violence's sake and won't get her hands dirty unless it's necessary, Remilia from the Facility has come to terms with doing dirty work if that's what she needs to do to fend for herself. She will not hesitate to swear and use harsh language, unlike her canon counterpart, and her battle tactics are less about strategy and more about pure brute force; read: overkill has become her new best friend.

Vampire state - extremely fast, strong, as well as immortal (does not age and can regenerate from even a single scrap of flesh if she's torn to ribbons). Can morph herself into a single bat or an entire swarm of them. Can't go out in sunlight without getting burned; however, if she uses a parasol, she's fine. Needs to drink blood to survive. Other weaknesses are running water, sardine heads, shattered holly branches, and roasted soybeans (yep).

Fate - able to 'manipulate fate', this isn't well-described in canon, though it's generally viewed as 'the ability to alter the outcome of an individual's life or fight'. All done subconsciously, Remilia cannot just 'activate' this ability unless the circumstances are incredibly dire.

Misc. - like everyone else in the series, she can fly and use danmaku (mutli-colored energy bullets that pack a strong punch but are specifically designed not to be lethal). Also of note is her ability to manipulate a sort of red mist. Canon never clears up exactly what it is (danmaku? vampire stuff?), but being that she can use it in combat and turn it solid (and to make it less hax), I interpret it as manipulation of blood, which she can toss around and form stuff from if she has access to enough of it.

Fac stuff - a clone of the canon Remilia, she is pretty much exactly the same, with the exception that the cloning process weakened her body ("clone sickness"), and she is prone to random cardiovascular failure, which can result in death.
Sample Entries: old game entry & less old-but-still-old entry / entry from her previous time at Animus (if you want something newer lemme know)

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